Propane can be used to fuel a wide assortment of equipment inside and outside of your house or business.

Some of these features include:

  • Primary and Secondary Whole-Home Heating
  • Tanked and Tankless Water Heaters
  • Indoor and Outdoor Space Heaters
  • Propane-Fired Fireplace and Log Inserts
  • Stovetops
  • Clothes Dryers
  • Pool and Spa Heating
  • BBQ Grills
  • Generators


  • Propane is an EPA-approved fuel that is NOT considered a greenhouse gas, unlike other heating fuels.
  • With efficiencies up to 95%, it’s one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels available.
  • Propane is non-toxic: it’s not harmful to soil and water if it’s spilled.
  • Space heaters can reach 99% efficiencies that produce fewer air pollutants and keep air cleaner.


  • Propane fireplaces cost 30-60% less per hour of operation than wood burning ones.
  • Propane water heaters cost approximately $10 less per month to operate than comparable electric units.
  • Propane-fueled dryers can complete drying tasks in about three-quarters of the time it takes an electric unit. Some models save up to 65% in costs over electric dryers.


  • Propane is highly regulated, meeting rigorous standards in order to be able to be put into homes and businesses.
  • Since it has a very narrow flammability range, propane won’t ignite unless the ignition source reaches 940 degrees.
  • Leaks vaporize and dissipate into the air rather than puddling on the ground, like heating oil.
  • Propane fireplaces turn off with the flick of a switch with no need to be concerned about burning embers overnight.


Propane-fired furnaces last an average of 20 years, which is nearly twice the lifespan of electric heaters (whose average life span is about 12).


  • Using propane supports American jobs. Propane is 90% locally produced, supporting jobs and sustainability.
  • You have the choice as to which propane supplier you chose in your hometown, such as A-1 Propane, so you support hometown businesses, too.

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