A-1 Propane is the foremost propane gas supplier in Stafford Springs CT and surrounding towns. When you heat your home with liquid propane gas, you are using a clean, energy efficient fuel. If your heating demands have outgrown your current propane tank, A-1 Propane can install a larger tank to better accommodate your needs. Our propane tanks are available in all sizes for both residential and commercial installation. We provide in-ground and above ground propane tanks for rent, lease, or purchase.

We supply residential and commercial customers with clean liquid propane at fair market prices. With A-1 Propane, you can rest assured that your family will be warm and comfortable all year long. Our company has served customers in central and eastern CT for a long time. We win our customers’ loyalty with our low propane prices and dependable service. We offer rebates, incentives and discounts to our loyal customers. Why not make A-1 Propane your preferred supplier of propane this season? Simply fill out our Propane Delivery form or call the office for service.

When you choose A-1 Propane as your home town supplier, you are supporting your local economy. Propane is 90% locally produced, supporting the American workers that bring this clean and efficient fuel to your area for distribution. We are a family owned company and we look forward to meeting you! Call A-1 Propane to learn more: 860-643-1552.


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