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When you need reliable Propane in South Windsor CT, Windsor CT, look no further. If you are ready to start saving money on your energy costs and looking to switch to a cleaner fuel alternative, call us to learn more about liquid gas. We are a full-service supplier of liquid gas and tank needs for people across the state of Connecticut. Whether your property is commercial or residential, completely new or switching to liquid gas, we are the professionals are ready to get your job done correctly and efficiently. We provide reliable and cost effective propane gas delivery and tanks. If you have service needs in Hartford County, Middlesex County, Tolland County, or surrounding towns, call us first.
Discover a difference in your bills when you convert your home or business to liquid propane through liquid gas is a cleaner, more economical fuel when it comes to running your property. Heating your home, cooking, running the washer and dryer, heating hot water, and more are daily examples of you and your family’s use of gas. We are a full service company dedicated to providing the community with reliable and affordable energy. Conveniently located in Manchester, we have provided people all across the state with superior energy services since 1989.
A-1 Propane has decades of satisfied customers. Did you know that when you convert your commercial or residential property to liquid propane, you are helping American workers? 90% of propane is locally produced and when you switch, you are helping your friends and neighbors bring clean and efficient energy to your area. When you are ready to get propane for your home or business in South Windsor or Windsor CT, call the professionals at 860-643-1552.

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