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When you need a propane supplier Stafford Springs CT, contact A-1 Propane LLC.  A-1 Propane is a Manchester based company that will deliver propane to your home or business. When you are ready to save money with a clean fuel, call our professionals today. We can explain and demonstrate the benefits of replacing your current appliances with those fueled by liquid heat. Trust us to be your full-service liquid propane tank and gas needs company. If you live in eastern Connecticut, call us first.

We provide services all facets of propane and is passionate about reliable and affordable energy. Whether you are a residential or commercial client, we can accommodate orders throughout the state. If you live in Hartford county, Tolland county, Middlesex county, or a surrounding area, we are ready and able to provide you with the liquid heat services that you need.

We are proud to consistently provide our customers competitively priced and to have the best customer service around. Liquid gas is a clean and cost-effective way to heat your home, cook, dry clothes, and more! Besides being a better alternative for the environment, by switching to liquid gas you are supporting your local economy. 90% of propane is produced locally and when you switch to this green fuel, you are supporting American workers.

We also offers propane supplies and tanks. We are a family owned and run company based conveniently in Manchester. If you are ready to start saving money on your home or business propane needs for your property in or near Stafford Springs, then become a part of the our  family. Not a customer yet? Not a problem! Fill out the delivery form and find out about what we can do for you. Call us today to learn more about your liquid propane options: 860-643-1552. We are here for you.

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