Save money and convert to propane Columbia CT. Electric rates are not getting any lower, and some appliances use a lot of energy. For higher efficiency, think about converting some of your high-demand appliances to run on liquid propane. Talk to the helpful staff at A-1 Propane about conversion. Clean-burning LP gas is a more economical choice for operating a water heater or clothes dryer. Propane appliances offer higher efficiency, less appliance maintenance and greater convenience over electricity and oil. Propane is less harmful to the environment than fuel oil. When burned, propane emissions easily meet the standards for clean air set by the EPA.

Ask the professionals at A-1 Propane about the many ways your household can save money with propane fueled appliances. Liquid propane is an environmentally friendly fuel, approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. Because liquid propane is 90% locally produced, its use supports American jobs. Our residential and commercial customers report significant savings on their energy costs with propane gas. Propane-fueled furnaces have approximately twice the lifespan of electric heaters, and cost much less to operate.

A-1 Propane is a leading service provider for all things propane. We deliver liquid propane gas to towns in Tolland County. We provide propane tanks and tank services as well. Homes and businesses save money using propane for primary or secondary heating. Propane water heaters, space heaters, stoves, clothes dryers, spas, grills and generators are excellent examples of highly efficient appliances. We look forward to talking to you about converting from oil or electric heat to liquid propane. Call A-1 Propane for more information: 860-643-1552.


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