A-1 Propane LLC is your premier propane gas supplier Hebron CT. Based in Manchester CT, A-1 Propane services the eastern Connecticut area. We are known for reliable LP gas delivery. Our inventory of propane tanks can accommodate commercial operations as well as residential clients. Our rates for LP gas are unbeatable.

For new service or propane gas conversions, choose from above ground or in-ground propane tanks. A-1 Propane has many options to suit your exact needs. We sell, rent and lease propane tanks to accommodate any customers’ requirements. Our propane tanks are lifetime certified.

Propane is an efficient, economical, and “green” energy source. For economic or ecological reasons, liquid propane is a safe alternative to power your water heater or clothes dryer. Liquid propane is non-toxic when spilled on the ground, and will not ignite below 940 degrees. If you currently use home heating oil and are considering changing to liquid propane, give A-1 Propane a call. We have provided the lowest propane gas prices in our service area for a long time. For all things propane, rely on A-1 Propane for supply and service. Call 860-643-1552 for a free consultation today.

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