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Now is the best time to convert to propane in Hebron CT, Bolton CT, Andover CT. Talk to the professionals at A-1 Propane, LLC. Propane is an efficient, very affordable fuel. Are you wondering how to run your electric appliances more efficiently? Scrap your electric range, clothes dryer and water heater and save money with A-1 Propane LLC.  A-1 Propane can talk to you about the advantages of converting your appliances or oil burner to liquid propane gas. Liquid propane is a clean fuel and is plentiful in areas that may not have access to gas lines. LP gas is an inexpensive fuel for home heating, cooking, water heaters, refrigerators, and clothes dryers. You will find that natural gas is a safe, clean fuel that will save you money on energy costs.

Look to A-1 Propane when you need a local Connecticut supplier of high quality propane tanks of all sizes. We are leading propane sales and service company serving central and eastern CT. When you are converting electric appliances to liquid propane gas, you will find the large capacity tanks you will need at A-1 Propane.

Propane is efficient, economical, and is considered to be a “green” energy source. Liquid propane is non-toxic when spilled on the ground, and will not ignite below 940 degrees. If you currently use home heating oil and are considering changing to liquid propane, give A-1 Propane a call. LPG is a clean, inexpensive fuel that benefits our local economy. A-1 Propane has provided the lowest propane gas prices in our service area for a long time. For all things propane, rely on A-1 Propane for supply and service. Call 860-643-1552 for a free consultation today.


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