When you’re looking for a supplier of propane Propane Amston CT, Marlborough CT, look no further! Contact A1 Propane LLC for all products and services concerning propane in eastern Connecticut. When you need a reliable supplier of liquid propane, or if you need a larger tank, A-1 Propane has you covered. A-1 Propane is conveniently located in Manchester, CT and services the entire state. Are you ready to convert your home to using liquid propane? No matter the size of the propane tank you need, A-1 Propane has the stock to accommodate all requests.

According to Mordor Intellegence, propane gas use in the residential market is increasing. notably in rural and mobile homes. Still wondering whether you should convert your home or property into using liquid propane for heating? Well, propane is the smart decision! Propane is used for air conditioning, heating water, cooking, refrigerating foods, drying clothes. lighting and fueling fireplaces.


Even though the price of propane is higher than electricity, fuel prices show that the cost of electricity as an energy source is double the price of propane. Since propane is highly efficient, appliances that use propane use less energy than those that use electricity.


Propane is made from natural gas and petroleum, making it a readily available energy source. Since propane becomes liquid under pressure, transport is also very convenient and can be provided to areas where natural gas cannot reach.


Propane is not just convenient to transport, it is also convenient to keep at home. Propane tanks are easy on the environment and need very little maintenance. In fact, they can last up to 40 years!


Unlike a number of other fuel sources, propane is non-toxic. It is insoluble in water, and is released as a gas, so it doesn’t leave any residue or spills. In fact, propane creates a significantly lesser amount of dangerous hydrocarbons than gasoline. It is also much safe to use than other sources.

A-1 Propane Deliveries

Make A-1 your propane supplier in Amston and Marlborough CT. A-1 Propane provides propane tanks to commercial and residential customers at affordable prices. You can lease, rent and buy propane tanks for your homes, and we will handle the supplying and deliveries for you.

We also offer online options to place your order. All you have to do is fill out a form and click that button, and we’ll handle all the rest. Call 860-643-1552. Ask our professionals for your free consultation today.


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