When you want a better deal on propane Marlborough CT, East Hampton CT, go with A-1 Propane LLC. Many homeowners have started to switch to Propane for basic household operations that utilize electricity and other fuels. Whether it’s for their fireplace, cloth dryer, cooking, or water heater, they’re converting to Propane for all the right reasons. Moreover, switching to propane for water heating can also help you save on your annual bills in the long-run.

Propane is an efficient and clean source of energy. It is an affordable choice of fuel for water heaters, cloth dryers, cooking, and heating. It is a multifunctional fuel that serves several commercial as well as residential functions. Propane gas is much more economical as compared to electricity and other fuel sources; it’s environment-friendly and is multi-functional (can be used as an alternate energy source for water heaters, house heating systems, pool and spa heating, generators, etc.).

Meets Your Energy Needs   A-1 Propane is a one-stop solution. From providing propane tanks to fuel for commercial and residential properties, A-1 Propane does it all. Whatever your energy needs are, you can count on A-1 Propane.

Offers Competitive Pricing   You’ll find the most attractive prices in the market. Not only do we supply propane at competitive market rates, our prices for propane tanks are also the best! You can now convert to propane at the lowest prices and save money on energy in the long run.

Provides a Wide Range of Services   A-1 Propane offers a variety of services. We provide services for above-ground and in-ground propane tank installation with multiple payment options. You can either purchase a propane tank with upfront payment, get it on rent, or obtain it through leasing – whatever suits you best. If you’ve decided to convert to Propane for good, you should look no further than A-1 Propane, LLC. Call 860-643-1552 for a free consultation today.


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